August 26, 2022 | Friday
“Life is a race… If you don’t  run fast, You will be a broken andaa…” you might have heard this dialogue every single day! But with the demanding competition where every new day is a new update of something, these words are hell of the truth. Nobody cares for those who are left behind, because it’s the game of Strongest who prevails. There’s a saying that everyone salutes the Rising Sun!

But is it always necessary to take a hard driven way, when you actually have the easier path to can be paved.

Well the Summer is here and what new skills have you learned that was on your checklist?? Umm…let me do the guess work… you’ve mostly devoted your time in completing your Holiday Homework or you are prepping for the Test has been scheduled for the next Monday. So, Mostly not extra outdoor learning. But here’s a thing… Learning beyond the classroom offers a whole lot of opportunities that you’ll struggle to find within the confined walls of your Classroom.

If you have seen 3 idiots you must have come across the dialogue “Chaaro Taraf Gyaan bat raha h… Jahan se mile lapet lo…”

Here I have outlined some of the ways that schools can adapt, because learning is more than gulping syllabus in your classroom.

It can be difficult to keep kids up with tasks in the classroom. Especially when all they want to do is run around in the campus. Then why not take them outside on the field or in the lab for a new way of learning. Take any topic, let say environment conservation and you’ll be amazed to see how their imaginations run wild and later you can graph it back in the classroom.
Taking kids beyond class is like unclipping their wings. Suddenly their minds are free to explore and you can end up having some of the creative and brilliant ideas or solution no matter what subject you’re teaching.
For Example: Instead of teaching about the historical monuments for the history subject, take them to a particular place and give them roles to act in it…. You’ll be surprised to see how seriously they take their work, but make sure that you know your stuff as they will have ‘n’ number of questions to fuel their role play.
If you’re able to add outside play and visits into your curriculum and engage in motivating your pupils to learn, you’ll inevitably find that they’re more motivated to turn up to school.
Learning outside the classroom doesn’t just have to mean wandering around the school grounds, though this is a great place to start.  There is no lack of places to take your pupils that they might not get access to otherwise.  Museums, galleries, zoos and farms can be of great interest or some place where they can find out how things are made and maybe even have a go themselves can provide learning experiences that won’t be forgotten easily.   

One of the key benefits of learning outside is that you have the most amazingly well resourced stock cupboard you could hope for – and a lot of it is free.  No matter how tight your school’s budget is, as long as you have a good imagination you’ll be able to develop free & meaningful learning opportunities for your children that will stick with them forever.
Now, as I conclude this blog, I have got to understand that The learning experience isn’t limited to the classroom rather its ultimate goal is to have an access to information for a wide set of purposes.  Students have been found to better grasp skills and concepts that are presented to them directly and in context. When children are “hands on,” it allows them to reach an entirely new level of understanding.