CBSE Chemistry Chapterwise Solved Papers Class 12 for 2021 Exam

1.CBSE Chapterwise is an absolute manual for the preparation for Class 12th boards
2.CBSE Chapterwise Solved Papers Chemistry helps to track the paper pattern.
3.This book includes 15 Chapters covering the entire syllabus
4.2 new chapters have been introduced
5.11 Previous Years’ Solved (2020-2010) in a Chapterwise manner for practice
6.Exercises like: CBSE Examination 2020 (All India and Delhi), Latest 3 Sample Paper and more for the complete revision of concepts

Hard work is all you need to excel the examination, but as you proceed towards examination day working smart should be complementary to your hard.

As CBSE changes its pattern every year it is very necessary for the students to keep up with the track and the effective way of doing this to collect the Previous Years’ Solved Papers that helps to analyze the pattern that gives an absolute idea that what you should study for the exam that helps in scoring good marks.

The current edition of Chapterwise Chemistry for class XII has been designed for the students who are going to sit in the forthcoming Board exams. This book is divided into 15 chapters covering the entire syllabus of Chemistry and 11 Previous Years’ Solved (2020-2010) in a Chapterwise manner. At the end of the book, it is enriched with couple of 3 Sample Papers, various other practice exercises that help in strengthening the concepts of the chapters. Following the latest exam pattern, this book is of great importance that will help you to rank in your upcoming examination.
Reena Sharma , Shahana Ansari
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Class 12th
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CBSE Curriculum

CBSE Chemistry Chapterwise Solved Papers Class 12 for 2021 Exam

by Reena Sharma , Shahana Ansari
ISBN :9789324198952
Edition :2020
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