PCM New Pattern Set Of 3 Books

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This Boxset includes the following titles:
  • Practice Book Physics for JEE Main & Advanced 2018
  • Practice Book Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced 2018
  • Practice Book Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced 2018
Aspirants preparing for the upcoming JEE Main & Advanced 2018 need thorough knowledge and practice of the concepts covered under the syllabi of JEE Main & Advanced. And for the aspirants need to practice using multiple types of questions which are asked in previous years’ JEE Main and Advanced and also model questions which may be asked in the future engineering entrances. The revised edition of this combination by Arihant is a true master practice resource combination for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics designed as per the examination pattern of JEE Main and advanced 2018.The books have been divided into number of chapters covering the syllabi of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE Mains & Advanced preparation. The books are the master practice books for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics consisting of more than 8000 objective problems like MCQs with Single Correct Option, Multiple Correct Options, Assertion-Reason, Linked Comprehension Based, Matrix Matching and Single Integer Answer Type. The different types of objective questions provided in the books will help in sharpening the comprehension and analytical abilities in the students. All the questions are supplemented by hints and step-by-step explanatory solutions at the end of each chapter. The books also contain Solved Paper of last four years’ (2013-2017) JEE Main & Advanced that will help aspirants get an insight into the recent examination pattern and the types of questions asked therein. As the combination contains ample number of objective questions on the basis of the new examination pattern and syllabi for JEE Main & Advanced 2018, it will help students learn in depth about the various concepts and subjects covered under the syllabi of JEE Main and Advanced 2018
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