Meeting Education Up To Parent's Expectations

August 16, 2022 | Tuesday
“Live a little every day, Ek hi zindagi mili hai (You have got but one life).” These were the last few words found on an eight-page-long note written by a deceased postgraduate student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H).  – The Hindu

Reading these kinds of news actually give Chills. Every hour one student commits suicide in India, with about 28 such suicides reported every day, according to data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

This year’s results are finally out! Many have passed with flying colors, while others seem to be quite unhappy with their results and find to face their parents, teachers, and the highly competitive world outside. With the fear of rejection, burden, and Pressure from their parents, and teachers, Students Commit suicide.

India’s student suicide crisis is no new development. India has consistently reported high suicide rates. A large number of suicides were reported in the 15-29 age group.

If we look into data from the NCRB: 10,159 students committed suicide in 2018, an increase from 9,905 in 2017, and 9,478 in 2016. Where Maharashtra had the highest number of student suicides in 2018 with 1,448 — almost 4 suicides every day — followed by Tamil Nadu with 953 and Madhya Pradesh with 862.

Between 1999 and 2003, 27,990 students ended their lives; 28,913 between 2004 and 2008; and 36,913 between 2009 and 2013. The 2014-18 period saw a 26% jump from the preceding 5-year period to 46,554.
This horrendous report is I guess enough to show mirror our Education System. They say every child is special but every special child is forced to run a rat race that leads to nowhere other than a bad news printed on the pages of the newspaper.

How to reduce student suicide cases in India? There is no single and easy answer to this very sensitive issue. However, the repair work needs to be done during their school days. Revisiting our education environment indicates that there is no institutional structure to allow students to express their emotions of depression and stress openly.

  1. Forced Career Choices
Parents are petrified about letting their child do anything less than engineering or other conventional courses. Awareness about new subjects may be there, but acceptability is missing. Arts is still considered a poor cousin of science subjects, even though it offers plenty of interesting and even well-paying career options. 
  1. Poor Education System
In the pressure to secure seats in top-notch institutions and the ever-high cut-offs, many students are forced to resort to something serious career options. Even students are made to learn what they might never need in their lives.
  1. Not Speaking Up
In many cases, it so happens that the victims find it hard to freely express their concerns about the pressure they are dealing with, even with their parents. But the question arises here, would it not have helped if they could freely discuss this with their parents or may seek some professional help?

“Aapka bachcha udaas hai, Udaas hai kyunki serious tha...Serious tha kyunki zimdedaar tha... ab 17-18 ki umar aapka bachcha zimedaar ho gaya hai... Bada Goal set karke lad raha hai... ye to aapki parenting safal hui. Are you Really proud of Him??? To jaiye bataiye usey..." (Courtesy: Kota Factory, Netflix)

True lines…To Parents & Teachers, it is absolutely not wrong in having expectations from your child, but to make your expectations their only life goal is wrong somewhere. Now, it is very important to understand the caliber, abilities, and specialties of their children. Gone are the days, when having mainstream careers like; Engineer, Doctor, or CA will provide a fruitful future for your child. Today, every career is redefining the definition of success with every child who is opting for them. So, pressurizing them and blaming them for their choices in academics is only going to add to their miseries.

For Students: it is very important to understand that your parents and teachers are investing in you, and it is very natural to expect good results from you. So instead of bringing the suicidal thoughts and seeing the negative side of this, try to understand that you only have 3-5 years to make the best out of your careers and the pressure that you feel will be benefiting in your future. But, even if you feel it is too hard to chase, then you can talk to your parents, or councilors or your special friends whom you think will guide you correctly and will help you to cope with the pressure.

“Jo Reject hone pe udaas nai hain, unhone kabhi bhi fight hi nai maari... kabhi apne aapko khud se zyada push hi nai kiya...Humne to mehenat ki yaar, Humari udaasi banti hai... Sad feel kar rahe hain toh.. sad feel kar skte hain... kisi ko rona aa raha hai, ro skte hain. But haan! ek cheez kisi ko allowed to nai hai.. Ke Hum baith ke Worthless aur suicidal feel karein.
War mein soldeirs ladte hain... ek side jeetta hai, ek side haar jaata hai... Par war mein haarne waale worriers kehe laate hain... loosers nai.” (Courtesy: Kota Factory, Netflix)