How Music Helps Students in Studying Better?

June 21, 2022 | Tuesday
Unstoppable by Sia?? Or Kasoor by Prateek??? Or is it Heat Weaves by Glass Animals??

Which is your today’s hooked on song on the playlist?

Mine!? – its ‘Body is Moving’ by Claire Guerreso. I Know, right?! It’s amazing!!!

If you’ve ever cranked up the volume to kick start your weekend house cleaning, you know a bit how music can change your mood, energy level and motivation. But you know Scientifically how music affects us? And did you know, studying whilst listening to music comes with host of benefits, or is it a mere distraction??

As experts say and I quote:

“Music produces several positive effects on human brain and body. Music activates both the the left and right hemispheres that can maximize and improve memory.”

And if it is true, what type of music is best to listen while we work? Sit back, Grab your headphones and learn how studying to the right kind of music may be more than just to your ears…


You might be the part of or may be familiar with the popular culture called ‘Mozart Effect’ – the idea of listening music or other classical music that claims to enhance the mental function. Well, this has been the topic of heavy debate, but nevertheless – there is something to it. While listening to Mozart won’t make you instant genius, but there are evidences that listening to music which is personally enjoyable – be it Mozart or Madonna, can aid you memory performance and concentration while studying.

Music engages the body’s autonomic nervous system that simply means music can control our physiological function and emotions. So, it is very important to listen the right kind of music, as it serves as a fantastic stimulant that will quicken the pulse, accelerate the breathing and pretty much pump you up for some intellectual heavy lifting.

If there’s a feeling that is universal among the students of any subject, its stress! Thankfully, music is the only element-free way to diminish the feeling of stress, anxiety or panic. So, if Beethoven doesn’t float your boat, you can always “Sail Away” with Enya, or just scroll the playlist to find your stressbuster!

From pain management to improved sleep, there are ton of brainy benefits from listening to classical music.

Recently, a 2020 study at a university in Texas concluded that students who listened to classical music whilst studying, performed better in exams. it showed that it activated a process known as Targeted Memory Reactivation that stimulated to consolidate memories.

Music can have both positive and negative effects on studying, depending on the student and the type of music. 

It is also a matter of fact that listening to the wrong type of music while studying can be not only distracting, but also have negative impact. Especially when the track is too loud and fast.

Ultimately, the effects of music on study habits are dependent on the student and their style of learning. If easily distracted, students should most likely avoid music so that they can keep their focus on the work. Conversely, students who function better as multi-taskers may find that music helps them to better concentrate.

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